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updated July 15, 2000

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Filled with Macworld Magazine's top picks on hotels, midtown restaurants, pubs and bars (Andy Gore's personal favorites), museums, broadway shows, sporting events, and Fifth Ave, Madison Ave, & SOHO shopping districts you won't want to miss while you're in the Big Apple next week.

This Macworld City Guide NY is filled with essential dining, drinking, and "culturesque" details that make it "a keeper" long after Macworld Expo is over! If you ever find yourself in NY, you'll have the insider's scoop at your fingertips and be able to find your way to the hottest spots with this Macworld City Guide NY in hand!

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This Macworld City Guide is a color-enabled, beamable, illustrated and interactive Pocketgram(TM) powered by OnTap® Technology by Aegean Associates, Inc. It was created with eudora mail, Netscape, AppleWorks, and a blueberry iBook expressly for Mac Publishing, LLC by Palmtop Publishing.

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