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We publish custom handheld pocket reference guides, surveys, quizzes, and interactive, pocket training materials for special events and business reference.   Note to Publishers.

USmail: 710 Louden Ave., Dunedin FL 34698
tel: (727) 734-2026  fax: (727) 734-2027

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1.About Palmtop Publishing
Our mission is to help you get the most out of your handheld computing resources. (Note to Publishers) We provide training, consulting and palmtop publishing services for handheld computing solutions. Whether you are sponsoring an event, deploying Palm OS and Palm-size computers within your organization, or developing products and services for handhelds, our industry experience and broad base of professional connections will help you get immediate results. Click here for Trina's bio.
2.Training and Consulting
Training: Within the first hour of our onsite training, you'll be using dozens of practical productivity tips and tricks to customize and use your handheld computer andyour desktop information manager to their fullest advantage.

Consulting: If you are deploying handheld computers within your organization, or if you are integrating portable capabilities into your products, we are ready to augment your team. We can assist with software development, needs analysis, system specification, planning, documentation, marketing materials, launch events, training, implementation and support. Let us learn more about your needs and we'll prepare a sample work plan!

3.Palmtop Publishing Services
Whether you're sponsoring an event, augmenting your product line with handheld publications, (Note to Publishers) or supporting a remote workforce, the handheld becomes an essential business information tool when it carries custom information such as:
  • Event guides and agendas
  • Product catalogs and configurations
  • Guidelines and handbooks
  • Click here for a colorful list of some of our most popular commercial and public publications!
  • Click here for a list of where you can buy them!
You can create pocket guides yourself or take advantage of our palmtoppublishing and customization services. We provide the tools, training, and technology to transform your own, custom information into handy, pocket, quick reference guides for Palm OS and Palm-size handhelds.

We offer translation from any format - Macintosh, Windows, DOS, Unix, internet/web, mainframe and mini computers. Within days, we transform your information into easy to deploy, pocket, quick reference guides, surveys, and interactive quizzes for your handheld computing audience.

Trade show and event planners! License thePDA Synching Station and Infrared Software to quickly and automatically transfer your electronic pocket show guide to thousands Palm and Pocket PC handheld computers. Contact us for details and licensing information.                  
MacOS. Win95.
7.How to Contact Us
Need to reach us? Call, write, fax or send e-mail.

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710 Louden Ave., Dunedin FL USA
tel: (727) 734-2026 Dot fax: (727) 734-2027

email: info@palmtoppublishing.com

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USmail: 710 Louden Ave, Dunedin FL 34698 USA tel: (727) 734-2026 fax: (727) 734-2027

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